Please understand that our ambassador program is hands on and you and your child must be involved for this to be a success. All accepted young ladies will be invited to one group shoot per month (you will receive the dates for this at the time of acceptance). Ambassadors do not receive an individual session, but are welcome to do one at a discounted rate! If you would like to proceed with putting in an application to become a VIP- please continue forward with the application!

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After our VIP's have enjoyed their first experience as a BMP Spokesmodel, they have the option to become an exclusive part of our BMP Ambassador team. This program allows our girls to continue being a part of something bigger than themselves and part of our BMP family until they're old enough to become a high school spokesmodel. Similar to the VIP program, instead of having one individual "big sister" they are being exposed to our entire high school spokesmodel team and the other ambassadors in a group setting as oppose to one-on-one. This gives them a chance to get to know other girls from different schools, backgrounds, activities, etc that they otherwise would not meet without being a part of our BMP family. Our ambassadors will be part of a program that encourages them to be who they are in any form: simply, naturally and beautifully. They will experience group shoots and have access to discounted individual sessions should they want it. These group sessions are fully styled to help bring out the absolute best in them and show them just how outstanding they are. The world was made for us to be audacious, to be impactful and to be fearless. Now is our chance to make a difference and we hope you join us on this incredible journey as we move mountains to begin creating self-love, happiness and a tribe filled with other young people who want to encourage and love those around them to be the best they can be.

Thank you for being a blessing to my life and for allowing us to be part of your daughter's life! I have received your application and can't wait to choose our amazing new first team of ambassadors!

"We must always seek adventure, always and always"
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