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The Purpose Of Our spokesmodel program is to give young ladies ages 1st-12th grade the chance to not only have a one of a kind session but to help them see they are beautiful in their own skin, they have a voice and they are accepted by those around them. BMP Spokesmodels are featured in award winning magazines around the country, are on advertisement billboards, travel the world with us (we will be visiting places like Greece, London and Iceland next year!), and have the ability to make their memories with our "family" some of the best that they will ever experience in their lifetime! Not to mention, all of the awesome perks they get for being a BMP spokesmodel including a one-on-one individual session with Bethany, group sessions with the other girls in our BMP spokesmodel family, discounts on any prints/products you may choose and the luxury of waived session fees!

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